Thickness measurements for class renewal & intermediate surveys

We are working with Bureau Veritas and DNV-GL to obtain our class approval. If you would like us to do your non-class required NDT while we are going through this process, please get in touch and start saving MONEY and the PLANET!

The state of a ship's hull and its structural parts must be carefully evaluated due to strict classification regulations and routine inspections. All regulatory bodies require Hull Surveys at specified intervals, Intermediate Surveys, Dry-docking Surveys, Special Periodical Surveys.

Demand and prices for dry docks are rising. Ship owners required to estimate the cost of various class periodic inspections on time. Not just the owner values a trustworthy and economical assessment of a ship's condition. It also connotes a dedication to the environment and society.

In general, the hull survey is commenced with a "pre-plan meeting" involving the Owners, Class surveyor and inspection personnel in which the items agreed upon include locations, access to locations and number of measurements at these specified locations.

Upon completion of the gauging survey, Smart Veritas will provide a final computerised report in the client supplied format or class supplied format. These final reports normally include AutoCAD drawings and/or spreadsheet formats which include the hull's original design thickness, current measured thickness and percent wastage. 

Ultrasonic Thickness measurements for

  • Thickness measurements for class renewal & intermediate surveys.
  • Pre-docking inspection.
  • Thickness measurements for owners interest.
  • Precondition for new purchases, new owner interest.
  • Corrosion inspections.

NDT Services

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